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The Epistemic Closure Blues

I’ve got the epistemic closure blues. This infernal need to create an ‘Other!’ It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere. The anger spills and ends up there. E-closure is a mother. Demonize! Dehumanize! Our views are always true, of course. Of course their views are lies. I’ve got the e-closure blues. I look to the right […]

The Problem with Porn

For centuries if not longer, sex has been fraught. It’s seen as a rich, deep and mysterious experience, as one of the most powerful and significant experiences we humans can have. You go to bed with someone and who knows what will happen? Intense emotions may arise. Intense sensations may be felt. Hey—it just might drive you crazy. Yeah, she could […]

The Authenticity Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

With the current can-you-top-this-Kurt-Vonnegut political season, a new political map is being drawn in the United States. Our current political system is steeped in bullshit. That much is clear to anyone with eyes, ears and a nose. This has engendered a massive reaction that extends throughout the political continuum from far left to far right. […]

These Voices in My Head

In a recent post, I noted how, as I writer, I try to be sensitive to boundaries. This is true—but there’s another side of the coin, as is so often the case. As a writer, I waltz over boundaries all the time. In fact, it’s in my job description! Writers write. Readers read. There’s a big gap […]

What Is Sacred Sexuality?

I’m a writer. It friggin’ offends me when words are used in a slapdash way, all wrapping and no substance. ‘Spirituality’ is one of the terms that gets my goat. It means such different things to different people, and it often doesn’t really mean anything at all—it’s as hollow as a vain man’s ego. ‘Sacred sexuality’ is […]

The Non-Violent Writer

Non-violent writing is a theme I suspect I’ll probably return to in the time ahead. I live with the topic constantly. Let’s start by unpacking what the term means to me. Non-violent writing is an odd phrase and indeed an odd notion. It suggests there’s such a thing as ‘violent writing,’ and what in the world is that? Our first […]

The Customer Service Key to Relationship Happiness

Who would think that Time-Warner Cable would give me an important clue to thriving in your relationship? Yet they did. If you’re thinking their lesson was, “If you’re in a relationship, you should always be giving great customer service to your partner,” nope, it’s not that. I’m a Time-Warner customer. Stuff happens with their technology, […]

The Twosome Delusion

I’ll start with a radical statement: we are delusional, each and every one of us. Culturally delusional, too. How so? Because we have this notion of a single, unitary self when that’s not actually what we are. This has profound and subtle effects on how we are, and who we are, in our intimate relationships. […]