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“Only connect,” the novelist E.M. Forster wrote over a century ago. But to what? To others, of course, and to our own selves, and to the truths that are out there, beyond the din of our culture.

Wisdom over passion, passion over emptiness, emptiness over wisdom.

Come on in. There are conversations to be had.

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Young, Left, and Claiming the Right To Smoke Pot, Have Smokin’ Sex, and Pursue Ecstasy

Old men say, “Stay off my lawn!” The Millennial generation of young adults says, “Stay out of my bedroom.” And: “Keep your hands off my bong!” A recent study by the respected Pew Research Center found that while young people continue to be heavily Democratic, compared to older generations their liberal values are more libertarian […]

The Twosome Delusion

I’ll start with a radical statement: we are delusional, each and every one of us. Culturally delusional, too. How so? Because we have this notion of a single, unitary self when that’s not actually what we are. This has profound and subtle effects on how we are, and who we are, in our intimate relationships. […]

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