Love and the More Perfect Union

Intimate relationships are massive, murky territory. They’re crisscrossed by a tangle of motivations—lust, love, attachment, loyalty, necessity, and more. They’re the heart of darkness and the heart of light, too. By their very nature, they defy rational analysis. We stumble into relationships and do our best to muddle through. For most of us, being in a relationship is like trying to drive from Albuquerque to Newfoundland without a map.

Love and the More Perfect Union (Mango Garden Press) provides a compass. The reader will come away from these pages with four specific information sets:

  1. An understanding of the three core yearnings that drive our behavior in relationships.
  2. Insight into a paradox that is inherent in all relationships. We yearn to be autonomous and we also yearn to connect. The result: we’re often out of synch with our partners, not to mention ourselves. Relationships require ongoing management of this tension.
  3. A visual map for understanding the dance of relationship and how to manage it skillfully. We humans thrive on concreteness. We benefit from clear mental maps, yet we tend to navigate our relationships without them. There are five chambers in the house of love. In this book, you will learn what they are, how to identify which one you’re in, and how to migrate to one that feels better.
  4. The understanding that the work of relationship includes Tiny Country Creation. We are each of us Founding Fathers and Mothers in the land of love.

Love and the More Perfect Union distills the complex world of relationships to its essentials, surfaces secret challenges and opportunities, and serves up six simple and actionable precepts for harmony and happiness. With its call for creative culture-creation and positive thinking, it is fluff free, straightforward, elegantly written, wise—and immensely useful.

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