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“Only connect,” the novelist E.M. Forster wrote over a century ago. But to what? To others, of course, and to our own selves, and to the truths that are out there, beyond the din of our culture.

Wisdom over passion, passion over emptiness, emptiness over wisdom.

Come on in. There are conversations to be had.

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Welcome to Sex World. And Hardcore Discrimination.

I live in Sex World. My partner Sheri does, too. (It’s a good place, Sex World. We like it here.) Wild-stop orgies? Nope. 24/7 obsessing about southerly parts? Not that, either. By Sex World, I mean something far less sensationalistic. Sex World is a cultural and professional territory that’s been segregated from other areas that are viewed as less threatening. […]

The Sex-Positive Movement and the Pursuit of Happiness

It’s a complicated world out there. There are so many currents and cross-currents out there (political, ideological, emotional) that it’s humanly impossible to sort them all out. Still, when I make a special effort to fly high above the noise, a single ineluctable fact emerges. We are in the midst of a massive and growing movement to […]

Have You Fallen Out of Love?

Love: the word means different things to different people—and different things to the same person at different times. What’s in a word? Here are some meanings of “love:” Erotic love. We all know what this one means. It’s what we mean when we say we’re “in love.” It’s “I want to have your babies”–or sometimes just […]

Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Vagina Fitness Tracker’ Nears $250,000 — Are Sex Experts Laughing or Applauding?

Courtesy of Kickstarter, a new … something has come to our attention—the cleverly named KGoal. You put this, uh, thing in your vagina—it looks suspiciously like a sex toy, but it’s not—and it measures how you’re doing when you contract and release your pelvic floor muscles. How strong are your muscles? Are you actually contracting […]

Young, Left, and Claiming the Right To Smoke Pot, Have Smokin’ Sex, and Pursue Ecstasy

Old men say, “Stay off my lawn!” The Millennial generation of young adults says, “Stay out of my bedroom.” And: “Keep your hands off my bong!” A recent study by the respected Pew Research Center found that while young people continue to be heavily Democratic, compared to older generations their liberal values are more libertarian […]

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